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Igrsup Online Property Registration:

If you want to know the process of registering for the property in uttar Pradesh, or want to know about how you can pay for the stamp duty then today in this article we will discuss about answer to all your questions. We are going to cover the igrsup portal and other processes like how you can view Encumbrance Certificates and others so keep reading this article below.

igrsup Property Registration portal Overview:

Uttar Pradesh government launched a portal which is igrsup up Property Registration portal for its people to make the property registration process easy. It allows people to do all their property related work while sitting at their home means every work can be done through this online portal they do not have any need to visit any government office for it. This portal also provide Emburancr Certificate and you can pay for the stump duty as well through this portal. You just have to create an account on this portal to access its services while sitting at home only.

igrsup Services:

Below we have written some of the services which you can access on IGRS UP portal:

  1. Here on this platform you can search for the property.
  2. You can search for property details on this portal.
  3. You can make your stamp duty payment 
  4. You can submit an application for the refund of Stamp duty.
  5. You can get an Encumbrance certificate.
  6. This portal does the E-stamping verification.
  7. Another service of this portal is Bhunaksha for rural areas
  8. GIC maps for urban areas is one of the services of this platform.

Documents Required for Property Registration on igrsup Portal

For registering of your property through igrsup up Portal you will need to upload documents so below we have provided the list of documents which you need while registration:

  1. First document you need is sale deed
  2. You have to upload the property card copy
  3. You will require a municipal tax receipt copy to upload it.
  4. You have to upload latest electricity bill
  5. You have to upload a PAN card copy of the buyer and seller.
  6. You will also need a copy of your and the seller’s Aadhaar card.

Register property online in UP through IGRS UP and igrsup login portal:

Below we have written some steps for those people who want to register for property through IGRS UP Portal:

  1. If you want to register for the property on this portal then firstly you have to open its official website igrsup gov in your web browser.
  2. Now you have to locate the “Apply Here” option and then you have to enter the Property Registration Application Portal.
  3. Now you have to enter your user Id and password in the user login option but if you are a new user then you have to first register by clicking on “New Applicant” option.
  4. For creating an account you have to choose a district, and then you have to create a password.
  5. After that, you have to go on the igrsup login option available on the portal by entering your Id and password. 
  6. Then the portal will take you onto another page for filling the application form, you have to fill that form accurately.
  7. Now you have to select the type of the document which you want to register and get verified.
  8. After that you have to fill in the name and phone number of the presenter and provide all the details of the property so that you can get stamp duty and registration charges so you have to enter the type of property and its valuation.
  9. The portal will show you the registration charges which you have to pay based on the details you provided.
  10. In this step you have to provide all essential documents such as address proof of buyer and seller along with identity proof.
  11. Now in this step you have to pay for the stump duty through the payment gateways option.
  12. Just after your payment the portal will create an application form which you can download on your device and you can take a printout of it to submit in the Sub-Registrar office. Authority will take it as a proof and will proceed to further process.
  13. In the last step you don’t have to do anything; the SRO executives will update the application status on the portal after verifying the details.

Note: If you found the status that your application has been rejected then you can reapply for the registration, on status reason will be mentioned of rejection of your application you can clear your issue then reapply.

Apply for stamp duty refund in UP on igrs up portal:

If your sale deed is not executed then you are able to get the refund of your stamp duty, for that you just have to login on IGRS UP portal where you can apply for the refund of your stamp duty. You just have to later upload the original sale deed and cancellation deed then you will be able to get ninety eight percent of the refund. 

Get an encumbrance certificate in Uttar Pradesh online through igrsup Portal

You can also use IGRS UP Portal to search Encumbrance Certificates and if you don’t have it then you can apply for it. For that purpose you just have to login on this portal then you will be able to apply and search for the Encumbrance Certificates after entering your property details.

Book an online slot for conveyance deed registration through IGRS UP Portal

On this portal you can look for an online slot for conveyance deed registration, for that you just have to enter your property details such as janpad, district and area after login on this portal. Then you have to choose the deed type. After that you need to save data and then you have to visit SRO executives for further process.


In this article we have talked about IGRS UP Portal. We have covered several topics and services of this portal. This portal makes the property registration process easy by enabling every process on the online portal.

Disclaimer: The information available in the above written article is truly based on our research. There may be possibilities of mismatched information from the website so, it is advisable to visit the official website to get a better insight of.

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