CFMS Bill Status: Check Beneficiary And Account Statement

cfms bill status

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the Comprehensive Financial Management System also known as CFMS.  The Andhra Pradesh government started the Comprehensive Financial Management System for Financial Management Systems and Services (APCFSS). Allows  one to detect the status of their bills. In this article we will discuss this scheme and cfms bill status complete information.

An Overview of CFMS Bill Status

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched the comprehensive financial management system known as CFMS which allows to detect finance departments like cfms bill status online from anywhere. Any citizen of Andhra Pradesh can now check their details and status regarding their bills. Also government service employees can see their information about salary by visiting the official website

The porter’s payment status, AP cyber treasury search payment status with  number features and salary bill access are given by the treasury department personnel. the employees can check their salary online. It helps an employee to view there will challenge information and also save time and access any salary related information. This portrait is made to make employees connected to the technology and access the information easily on an online platform.

CFMS Bill Status Checking Process

If you are willing to check your own ap cfms bill status, then you can follow the following steps that are given below: 

Step 1: visit the official website

Step 2: click on the citizen services on home page

Step 3: choose the bill status from the list

Step 4: noun in the displayed columns, enter the year and bill number

Step 5: Click on the inter button and the status will be shown.

Services For Citizen

Following are the services for the citizens that they can avail through CFMS bill status: 

  • Receipt link: In this link people can check and read about PD challans expenditure reimbursement challan cash recovery challan citizen challenge employee challan civil deposits judicial challan chief minister relief funds capital funds development maintenance fees challenge status God fees and transaction cancellation.
  • Expense links: For the links for expenses like bill status beneficiary account information   search payment and DDO search one can find links in expense links.
  • Departmental services: Department service provides about budget expense received human resource and PD accounts
  • Employee services: The annual income the paystubs and the loans can be viewed on the employee services
  • Pensioner services: Stakeholder services pension portal pension detail annual income pension slip details can be checked on the pension services portal

Citizen Challan Creation

Users can follow these steps to create their challan:

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official website @

Step 2: Next, click on the “Receipts Links “On the home page.

Step 3: After that you will find the option Citizen Challan , Click on it.

Step 4: Enter the necessary details such as Department, Service, HOA, District, Treasury/PAO, and DDO Code.

Step 5: Enter on the Submit button.

Step 6: Now, enter the Service Major, Remitter Name, Mobile Number, and Email address.

Step 7: Click on the Submit button

Steps to Check Account Statement of Beneficiary

Follow the given steps to account the statement of beneficiary 

Step 1: Visit the official website @

Step 2: Tap on the “Expenditure Links“, on the page

Step 3: Click on the Beneficiary Account Statement.

Step 4: Enter the necessary details like Beneficiary Code, Statement From, and Statement To and click on the Display button.

Step 6: The Beneficiary Account Statement details will appear on the screen.

Search DDO List

Here are the steps which you can follow to go through DDO search.

Step 1: Visit the official website @

Step 2: Tap on the “Expenditure Links“ .On the home page,

Step 3: Click on the DDO Search.

Step 4: Select your District and Treasury.

Step 5: DDO List will appear on the screen with DDO Code, DDO Description, and DDO’s Beneficiary Code.

Benefits of cfms bill status

Comprehensive financial management system or the cfms bill status is set up to aggregate financial management systems which have the objective to increase the productivity in financial transactions, better control transparent operations, clean accounts and lastly sustainability.

  1. Proficient Financial Transaction
  2. Convenient and Effective
  3. Accountability for performance and decisions.
  4. Transparent Operations

Contact Details 

Here we have given the contact details of comprehensive financial management system that can help you to get your cfms bill status:

3rd floor, Nidhi bhavan

IT park, beside APIIC towers, 

mangala giri 522503, 

Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh


In this article we have talked about cfms bill status where the CFMS stands for comprehensive financial management system that is launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh. There are various services and benefits of this portal that we have talked about. We have tried our best to cover each aspect of this topic and hope that you find it helpful. 

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