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FCI HRMS Login, Leave and Mobile App Guide:

Human Resource Management Software is becoming first choice in any organization. These solutions work to keep track on employee management activities. Today in this article we will talk about FCI HRMS portal, we will cover all the topics like what is it, objectives, login process and others so keep reading this article to completely know about this.

FCI HRMS portal: Overview

FCI HRMS portal is developed by Food Corporation of India and it is also known as the Employee Self Service system. With the help of this platform employees can access many services online such as they can submit online leave, they can get training information, circulars  and they can also access other facilities through the portal or mobile app. This portal also helps to improve intercommunication between employees and other staff, they can easily track their record also. Overall this platform saves the time of FCI’s employees by availing services through the portal and application so that they can use them conveniently and track all the necessary things like leave status and others.

Objectives of FCI HRMS

This platform is designed for employees so that they can use HRMS and use its service effectively. Employees can get information in details about themselves. Employees can learn the management of exceptions cases. It was developed to make all the offline process easy by allowing them to be done through online process.

FCI HRMS Dashboard

When FCI employees logged in the portal then they will land on the dashboard on the portal. On the dashboard employees can find all important services such as planned leaves, attendance and others so that they can track and manage their all activities easily. They just have to click on the particular service which they want to use. Some of the services which are available on the dashboard are explained below:

  • Attendance Record: Employees can check their attendance record on the portal.
  • Leave Record: Employees can also apply for leave and they can check the status of their leave application letter.
  • Communication: Employees can also communicate with other employees, HR and other seniors.

There are many more services apart from above written services on the dashboard which makes it easy for employees and other staff to manage their work.

FCI HRMS Login Process

There are few steps which employees have to follow to login on HRMS portal so we have written those steps below: 

  1. You have to open the official FCI HRMS LOGIN portal: https://www.hrmsfci.in/
  2. You can see the login form on the home page so in that form.
  3. You have to enter your employee ID and password which will be given by your system administrator.
  4. After that you have to enter security code then press on sign in button.
  5. After these two steps you will be logged in the portal.

Mobile App of FCI HRMS

The platform can be accessed on mobile app as well so below we have written all the steps by which employees can access the services on the mobile application: 

  1. You have first opened the Play Store on your mobile.
  2. Now you have to search for HRMS FCI in the Play Store.
  3. Now you have to press on the install option if the Application is showing the developer name as Food Corporation of India.

Login on Mobile app

Below we have written steps by which employees can login on Mobile app:

  • Firstly employees have to open the application on their phone by pressing on the application icon.
  • Now there will be two option by which you can login first is login by employees I’d and second MPIN option.
  • In employee ID option you have to enter your employee I’d and password then you have to press on login option.
  • You can also enter your MPIN to login on application for that you have to create MPIN.
  • You can create your MPIN by clicking on Login with MPIN link option, there you will find create MPIN option.
  • Now you have to fill in all your essential details like employee ID, password, DOB, and MPIN for two times then you have to press the continue button.
  • You have to now verify the details by entering OTP which you will receive on your registered phone number.

You will now be able to use the mobile application of the portal.

Mobile app Dashboard

The mobile application provides the same service through its dashboard page such as Attendance, Leave, Salary, and others.

Steps of Downloading FCI HRMS Salary Slip

There are few steps which you can follow to download salary slip on its mobile app which we have written below:

  1. Firstly you have to login your account on the app
  2. Then you have to press the Salary module on the employee self-service page.
  3. Then you have to select the month for salary slip from the salary details option.
  4. Login to your account in the mobile app by entering your MPIN.
  5. Now you will be able to download the salary slip in pdf format.

Apply For leave On FCI HRMS portal

There are few steps written below which you can follow to apply for the leave and submitting attendance on this portal or app: 

  1. You have to open the portal or app first.
  2. Now you have to login by entering your details.
  3. You have to select the Apply For Leave option from the leave module option.
  4. After that you have to fill in your details with the leave type then you have to submit it.
  5. For attendance you have to select my attendance link option. There is an option to mark attendance in case you forget to do biometric that is an attendance regularization link.

Benefits Of FCI HRMS

There are several benefits of this portal and we have written some of them below: 

  1. First benefit of this portal is that employees can use all the services on a single platform.
  2. This portal has a mobile application as well which makes it more easier and convenient for the employees to use its services.
  3. It enhances the productivity of the organization.
  4. It brings transparency in records.


In this article we have talked about FCI HRMS that is a portal designed by the food corporation of India that helps the users to access its benefits and features through the online portal. Here we have discussed each aspects of it and tried our best to gather all required information that can be beneficial and helpful for you.

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