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Iroz Sutherland: Full Application Guide

Today we are going to talk about an app named iroz Sutherland created by a company named Sutherland which is famous for providing technology and business process management services so the company name is Sutherland Global Services. Through its features we are going to know why it is expanding rapidly. Through this article you are going to know about the application in detail. So keep reading this article below.

An  Overview of Sutherland

Sutherland is a firm which can help your business to expand by providing experience to your staff and clients. For them the clients are the priority. They have fifty six offices at different locations and they have around thirty eight thousand employees. It has its mobile application which is iroz Sutherland for helping its employees. They help clients by providing technology and business process management services. This company uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and they integrate other technology as well for effective solutions such as they integrate automation, real time analytics systems. These technologies are used by this company for providing its services which is the reason behind the expansion of this company.

Know about Iroz Sutherland

Iroz Sutherland is also an application which works in smartphones. It is designed for Sutherland’s staff members so that they can track the check-in timing of the office and their attendance record. On this application employees can also find the schedules of their work, they can communicate with other employees in real time, along with these they can use this platform for many other purposes. This application is designed by a company named Sutherland, this company has experience of more than thirty years of providing technology and other global services. This application interface is user friendly so that users can access it easily. The application has many features and services, through this application employees can request time off, check attendance records and work schedules. 

Features of Iroz sutherland

There are many features of the application and we have written some of them which you can read below:

  • Request Time Off: This application allows employees to easily request time off, they just have to hit the Punch In button and Punch to show their presence and exit timing in and from the office.
  • Paychecks: Employees can use this application to confirm the details of their paychecks.
  • Work Progress: Another feature of this application is that it allows users to check and analyze their monthly work progress.
  • Handy for Manager: This application allows company’s managers to check and modify the attendance of any employee and they can also access the permission list to give permission to the employees like leave permission or other type of permissions. Manager can see if any employee is doing overtime along with that supervisors can verify the team information through this application.
  • Freely Available: This application is freely available for its employees, they can use it easily just by using their ID and password. They don’t have to pay any amount for accessing it.

Registration Process of Iroz Sutherland

Now we will talk about the registration process on this portal for the users, below are all the steps which users can follow for registering on the portal:

Step 1 Open Web browser: For registration on the portal users have to open a web browser on their device.

Step 2 Search and open Official Website: In the second step users have to search for the official website by typing the name in the search bar and then from the search engine result page they have to open the official website.

Step 3 Enter Personal Details: After opening the official website users have to provide their personal details on the portal’s registration page, they need to provide their name, country name, phone number, email ID and password.

Step 4 Accept Terms and Conditions: After entering the personal details, users have to tick on the term and condition option.

Step 5 Click on Registration: In the end users have to click on the “Registration” button to complete the process.

Iroz sutherland Login Process 

After registration you can not access the platform directly for that you have to do Login so below you can read the steps which are necessary to do Login on the portal:

Step 1 Open Official Website: For logging on the portal you have to open its official iroz sutherland in your web browser.

Step 2 Do Login: Now you have to find out the login option on the portal then after that you have to press on that option. Then you will be redirected to another page.

Step 3 Enter Details: Now in this step you have to enter your ID and password which you created during the registration process.

Step 4 Use Google or LINKEDIN: You can directly login through your Google or LINKEDIN account.

Step 5: Click on Submit: After entering the user ID and password you have to click on the submit option.

Installation process of Iroz Sutherland APK

In this section of our article we will discuss how you can download the APK of it, for installing it you need XAPK installer app, so below you can find all the steps which you can follow to download this APK:

Step1 Download and Wait: You have to firstly download Sutherland APK and wait for its completion.

Step2 Select Install XAPK files: You have to now select install XAPK files just after opening the XAPK installation app. It will ask you to give some permission which you have to allow to set up XAPK files.

Step3 XAPK File Installation: Now you will be able to see APK files and there you have to click on the green icon to start the XAPK file installation. You have to give some permission which the process will ask you.

Step4 Press Install: Now in the end you have to press on install option for having this application in your mobile phone. At last you will receive a notification that “app successfully installed”.

Transforming into Digital Business

In this era most of the people want their own business but they don’t have enough guidance or resources to expand it or a well known name in the market. It can be your best friend who can help you to expand your business by transforming your business, it will bring digital transition for your company through its digital priority approach and advanced technologies.


Today through this article we talked about a company and its application named Iroz Sutherland. This application is available online and can be installed through the Google Play Store as well. We covered its downloading process, registration and login process on the portal and we talked about how employees can use this to track their attendance record and they can analyze their work. We hope through this article you have now the complete understanding about this platform.

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