5201314: The Number Of Love


As we know that each individual has their own way to express love and the social media has released another beautiful way for the couples to express their love. There are various codes that have been trending on social media which people use to show their love in code languages. Today, in this article we are going to understand the 5201314 code along with its meaning and its connection with China. Also, here we will find some other internet slang too. So, let’s read the article to find the best slang for expressing your feelings.

Understanding 5201314

People are looking for the 5201314 meaning as it has been a sensation on social media. Where the meaning of this code is I love you for a lifetime and the lovers use it to express their love by celebrating the day of love for them that is 20 May as per this code. If you are wondering how this code means it, let us inform you that the meaning has been found with the help of its Chinese connection. 

Chinese Connection

As the meaning of 5201314 is connected to China, here we will understand its meaning with Chinese connection. So, the first three numbers 520 indicate a day that people celebrate as a unique and modern celebration of their love on 20th May every year and there are various people who began treating this day as Valentine’s day in China on social media. The culture of China is attached with the strong value of numbers and power of them,where some are lucky and some are unlucky numbers. The number 520 gets the significance in China and Hong Kong because of the pronunciation of it that is similar to I Love You such as ILY and 143 in english. 

Now let’s talk about other left numbers that are 1314 that identify as “For a lifetime”. The sentence is translated as “我愛你一輩子” in chinese and it pronounced as “Wǒ ài nǐ yībèizi”. The 520 is pronounced as “Wǔ’èr líng” and as per the mandarin language the meaning of this number is close to the pronunciation of I love you or “我愛你” or “Wǒ ài nǐ”. same as that in mandarin the pronunciation 1314 is close to “For a lifetime”

Internet Slangs

There are millions of different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others for having interaction with other people, you may also have at least an account on any social media platforms. While in conversation people normally use slang or code messages instead of writing complete words to save time and for faster speed and for making conversation interesting. For instance you may also have heard about this famous code 143 which means I love you as I had one letter, love has four and you have three letters. People also write it as ILU. Likewise in China people use 520 for saying “I love you” to the person. It is very famous and popular internet slang amongst the people of China. Chinese people in Mandarin speak I love you and 520 started using it on social media.

You can use those codes to let them feel special and you can even use them to communicate effectively and you can sound cool as well.

You can use 530 to say I miss you, likewise 520 can be used to say I love you, 51921 for saying I still love you, 5240 for you are my love, 880 for hug you, 1314 for Always or forever, 35925 for Miss me or Love me, 53770 for Thinking of kissing you, 74839 for Don’t think about leaving, 04551 for You’re my only one, 04592 for You’re my beloved, 770 for saying Kiss Kiss You, 53880 use for saying Thinking of hugging you, 910 use for Just want you and 918 use by people to say Cheer up!

These are some romantic codes to show your romance and affection, you can use 898 code to say Break Up to express your broken feelings.

Valentines day on the basis of 5201314

As we have already clarified it above, people consider the 520 as 20 May where the number 5 is for the month and 20 for the date. There are various people who started treating this number as an occasion of love or Valentine’s day on social media in China. 


In this article we have found a unique way to say I love you to our partners with the help of popular internet slang 5201314. Here we have talked about its meaning and Chinese connection. Apart from this we have learnt about some other internet slang from which you can choose the best one for you to express your love and emotions to soulmates. Also, if you want you can learn these codes in different languages too such as 5201314 meaning in Hindi or in other languages to understand it in a better way with your interested language. We have tried our best to gather all possible information about these codes and slangs. We hope that you find this article helpful and useful.

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