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India is a diverse country. Different people have different cultures. Plus diverse languages and dialects. Not every person can write and know each language. In case someone needs to work on this. There are many web tools that are present on the internet sites. So there is a tool on the internet. That helps to convert the languages. That is “Kuttipencil ”. Read below about this. To get help from it next time.

Read About Kuttipencil

“Kuttipencil” is a word in Malayalam. Malayalam is a language spoken in Kerala, India. In Malayalam, “kutti” means small, and “pencil” refers to the writing tool we use. So when put together, the word roughly means “small pencil” in English. But it is not only a regular pencil. It is actually an online tool for typing in Malayalam. Which helps in converting fonts too. Its main job is to change sentences from English to Malayalam. This means, you can write something in English. The site can help you turn it into Malayalam.

It also works on Manglish. Which is a mix of Malayalam and English. So, you can write in Manglish. The site can convert it into a Malayalam script. It makes it easy for people who connect to Malayalam. It helps to type online with no hassle. And like having a small pencil that helps. You can write in your own language.

Instructions to use this Kuttipencil

There are Some instructions given for using the platform and here we have mentioned them below:

  1. You do not need to install extra keyboards on your device to use it. It supports different keyboard layouts. Such as Inscript, Typewriter, Panchari, GIST, and Varityper Phonetic. This means you can choose the layout that feels most comfortable for you.
  2. Kuttipencil is especially useful for people using Mac or Ubuntu computers. With this website, typing Malayalam online becomes much easier. You can select your preferred keyboard layout and start typing right away. You can type a message, an email, or anything else in Malayalam.
  3. This tool makes it simple and hassle-free. You do not have to worry about complex setups or downloading extra software. Only need to visit the website. Then choose your keyboard layout. Now, start typing in Malayalam with ease. It is like having a virtual keyboard made for typing in your language. This makes online links more easy to get. Plus fit for Malayalam speakers.

Shortcut key

There are some shortcut keys that you can implement on this site for making your workore efficient and smooth: 

  1. To switch between Malayalam and English. Use Ctrl + G.
  2. To select all text. Press Ctrl + A.
  3. To download the file. Use Ctrl + S.

Converter kuttipencil malayalam

Kuttipencil Manglish to Malayalam Converter is a helpful tool. It is a helpful tool for converting Manglish to Malayalam. And transforms Manglish, a way of typing Malayalam using English characters. It converts into Malayalam text using the Kuttipencil Google Transliterate API. Users can type in Manglish and press the spacebar to convert it into Malayalam.

It does not need complex software or keyboard switching. Beyond that, the tool offers more features. Such as spell check, file upload and download. Also online storage saving, and email sending, enhancing its use and versatility. It is a convenient and simple solution for getting Malayalam text. It caters to the needs of users who prefer typing in Manglish. Or those who need easy access to Malayalam typing.

Points to note about the Kuttipencil

  1. Free of cost It is free of any charges. You do not have to pay any charges. You can use it for free.
  2. Easy layout The site Malayalam Typing Utility has an easy layout. It is simple for people to understand and use. Even if you are using a Mac, Windows, or Ubuntu system. Typing in Malayalam becomes quick and straightforward with this tool.
  3. Multi-tasking Users can do many things with their typed Malayalam text. They can save it for later, share it with others, print it out on paper, or download it to their device. This gives them options on how they want to keep and manage their text.
  4. Correction tools available This utility comes with a spellchecker and a dictionary. These tools help users make sure their Malayalam text is correct and clear. If they’re not sure about a word, they can look it up in the dictionary to find the right one.
  5. Font flexibility It can change the way the Malayalam text looks. It can switch between Unicode format and ML / FML series. This is useful because different formats need different purposes.
  6. Users can change text between English and Malayalam with ease. This makes it helpful for people who speak both languages and need to switch between them.
  7. Options for File format The tool can change text into audio. It turns the written words into spoken words in MP3 format. This can be useful for people who prefer listening or for those who want to learn through hearing.
  8. Work Flexibility The site can work on web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This makes it easy for users to access and use it while they are browsing the internet. It is like having the tool right at their fingertips whenever they need it.

Drawbacks of site

  1. The site has a fixed word limit. It does not allow one to write after ten thousand words.
  2. It has limited features only. As it does not have many advanced options.
  3. You are not able to convert in from another language.

Sum Up

In conclusion, Kutti pencil can be a helpful tool for people. Those who speak Malayalam or not both can use it. It makes typing in Malayalam easy and also converts text from English to Malayalam. The site has a simple layout. Plus works on different devices like Mac, Windows, or Ubuntu. Users can do many things with their Malayalam text, like saving, sharing, or printing it. It even has tools to check spelling and change the appearance of text. It is free of cost. While it has some limitations too. Like a word limit and lack of advanced features. But, it is still a useful resource for people. It makes typing and working with Malayalam text online simple and convenient. One can use it for a good purpose and education.

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