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SMS Pop Up your package can’t be Delivered us9514961195221:

US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered Text Message is a scam where the scammers target people with the help of fake text messages by claiming they are true. So, in this article we will understand the complete information about this scam and learn to be careful with any harmful causes. 

Understanding US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered text message

When you receive a message having a unique ID and a message that is US9514961195221 Your Package Cannot Be Delivered then you don’t have to respond to that message it is a scam in which you can be trapped. In this the sender claims that they have a item of receiver and it the message has a tracking number and link by which you can track your item and when you click on the link then you will redirect to a page where you it will ask you to enter your personal details such us your name, address and credit card details. 

The website will completely look like a US postal service site so you will not be able to identify the originality of the website, because the website has the same logo and elements like the original site. So when you enter your personal details then it will be stolen and will be used to steal your money and your data can be sold over the dark web. You should know that any package delivery company or US postal service never sends text messages to any person asking for details for delivering the product. 

Officials send emails or letters to the people instead of US9514961195221 text messages. So whenever you receive a message from unknown sources or USPS as a text message then you should firstly delete them, you don’t have to click on any link otherwise scammers will steal all your information and you will lose all your money. You can contact USPS in case you have a doubt on the originality of the message.

us9514961195221 real or a scam?

The US9514961195221 package delivery message is a scam in which scammers send you a link or attachment to open for tracking the details of your order. Also, to make it look more credible and trustworthy they use fake invoice numbers, official logos, renewable dates and promotional banners. Thus, below we have enlisted some points to determine whether the text message is a scam or real.

  1. It will contain a generic greeting at the place of a name like account holder and customer. 
  2. The email address of the sender does not look associated with a legitimate domain name. 
  3. It invites you to click on a link for resolving issues by tapping on the links. 
  4. It may have incorrect grammar, spellings and structure of the sentences. 

What if you are Trapped in us9514961195221 scam?

If you got any such emails then it is suggestable to ignore them and delete from the inbox. but, if you have clicked on the link or attachments available on email then there may occur harmful issues like infecting your device with malware and more. 

Check if you’re device is contaminated with malware

The message you received on your phone with tracking ID US9514961195221 may have malware which can harm your device so below we have provided steps to remove those malware from device by downloading Malwarebytes: 

For windows:

  • Download Malwarebytes: You can download Malwarebytes for windows from your browser.
  • Double Click on Setup: To start the MB setup double click on the file after downloading to install it.
  • Allow Permission: After that you have to click on some permission which will appear on your screen.
  • Select Device Type: You have to select the option which will be given by the MB setup, you have to select either personal computer or work computer.
  • Install: After that click on install.
  • Click on Scan: Now you have to click on scan and have to wait for the process to complete the scan.
  • Click on Quarantine: After the scan on your screen the Quarantine option will appear. If your device has malware then you have to click on the Quarantine button.
  • Restart: In the end Malwarebytes will ask you to restart your computer to complete the process.

For Mac

  • Download Malwarebytes: You have to download Malwarebytes from your web browser.
  • Double Click on Setup: Now you have to double click on MB setup file which generally will store in “Downloads folder”
  • Follow Prompts: Now you have to follow the prompts and have to click the continue button.
  • Click on Get Start: After the above steps you have to click on “Get Started’ button.
  • Select Device Type: Now you have to select your device type such as personal computer or work computer.
  • Click on Scan: After that you have to click on the Scan option.
  • Wait for the process: You have to wait for a few minutes to complete the scan.
  • Click on Quarantine button: After completing the scan the result will show if the device has any malware if it has then you have to click on Quarantine button to remove them.
  • Restart Computer: In order to complete the process you have to restart your computer.

For Android

  • Download From Play Store: For downloading Malwarebytes in Android you can use Play Store.
  • Click Install and open: Now you have to click on install button then after installation you have to click on open.
  • Allow Permissions: MB setup will ask you for some permission you have to allow permission to start the setup.
  • Swipe Screen: The setup will explain the premium and free version you have to swipe the screen to continue.
  • Press “Got it”: Now have to press on the “Got it” option to continue.
  • Allow other options: The setup will ask you for more permission such as it will ask for accessing your files which you have to allow.
  • Click on “Update Database” and “Run full scan” option: Now you have to update MB then after that you have to click on Run full scan option and then you have to wait for the process to complete.
  • Remove malware: Now you have clicked on Remove selected to remove malware. Restart Phone: In last you have to restart your phone


In this article we have discussed the US9514961195221 package delivery text message scam. In which scammers try to look like a real professional and trustworthy person of a company and can fetch all your data and infect your device with malware. We have tried to cover all details of it and how can you be aware of it. we looking forward you to found this article use full. 

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