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A company where communication with customers is effective. Sales and marketing issues were resolved. The best idea is given and the business is also optimized. Yes, it is possible at crm . An organization that provides a customer relationship management platform. In this article we present the CRM platform at Let’s take a closer look at its features, legality and more.


crm is a complete Customer Relation Management system. It is designed to help the businesses to manage and analyze the customer interaction. It acts as a powerful tool that enhances business growth. The CRM system is created by  It is developed and managed by Balit Teknologi Karet. Balit is a well-known Indonesian IT company founded in 2018. 

The company has years of experience. It builds and implements CRM systems for businesses of all sizes. also increases customer engagement and satisfaction. Its purpose is to help the company communicate with customers accurately and securely. The Platform is used to manage, review and improve customer relationships.

What is CRM?

Well, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This helps to create and maintain a customer relationship in the long run. A CRM system has the ability to track common routine operations. It also frees up valuable time for the business team to focus on more important activities. The system also offers various tools and strategies for companies. crm help manage and improve customer satisfaction.

Once a CRM system is in place, tracking your business is easy. It also improves business relations from abroad. The system has various features, advantages that can be useful for any business. A CRM system allows a company to track marketing and sales. . It also provides effective communication and collaboration between different departments. This increases efficiency and productivity. Well, cloud-based CRM software has its own distinct features and benefits.

Characteristics of crm

crm offers a wide range of functions and benefits. From data storage to organization and more. Here are some of the features mentioned below:

Data Management:

The website stores customer contact information and personal information. It provides information in case of need and emergency.

  • Customer Information and History: The Site contains customer contact information. It also keeps the entire history of communication. This makes it easy to understand your settings and past behavior.
  • Secure and Private: The site understands the importance of security. Therefore, it applies the highest level of data protection to customer data.
  • Customer Relations: Helps manage customer inquiries. So that questions can be answered in a timely manner according to priority.

Sales Tracking and Management:

The website makes it easy to track and control the sales process and management.

  • Sales Reports: It also generates sales reports and other required reports. These reports make it easy to track business progress.
  • Sales Opportunities: The site helps track and manage sales. It also identifies new customers and communicates with them at the right time.
  • Sales management: It helps to understand the different stages of sales. It also improves the sales process and takes the necessary actions at the right time.

Customer Service:

The company can track customer inquiries. It helps in real-time communication with the customer about problems and other ideas.

  • Discussion History: The website records the discussion history. It helps to understand the past problems and needs of customers.
  • Priority needs: Customer problems can be organized according to their priorities. This allows users to focus on critical issues.
  • Ticket System:. It works like a ticket system. It helps to solve the customer’s individual problems.

Business reporting:.

The CRM site also offers a variety of reports to help review the business software.

  • Data analysis: Helps analyze customer behavior. Through this, you can gain a good understanding of customer preferences.
  • Business numerical data:. The site also analyzes key business data such as sales and marketing.
  • Various Reports: The site offers various reports. Like sales success report, service progress reports and more.

Team collaboration:

The site also helps team members share information. This can be about customer relations, sales, service tasks and more.

  • Staff roles: Even some roles and permissions are defined. This allows the team to access only certain tasks and information.
  • Team-based: Allows sharing of customer history and highly detailed information. This allows each team member to provide individual service.
  • Discussion: Group discussions between team members help to collaborate. It also provides one-to-one chat to solve any problem..

Is it Safe and Legal? 

If we talk about security and legality, the website is a reliable platform. User friendly interface, Tietoturva makes it a secure website. It can be a reliable platform for companies looking for CRM solutions. In addition, Balit Teknologi Karet is a well-known IT field. It has positive customer reviews, which adds to the legitimacy of the CRM site..


Crm is a platform that helps a company organize its processes. It is a user friendly and powerful platform that manages customer relationships. The website helps to understand the importance of customer relations for the company. For a business looking to improve customer engagement. Then crm balitteknologi is the best choice. It has a solution for the special needs of each customer. This is considered a summary point.

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