Oonagh Paige Heard: All You Need To Know About Amber Heard’s Daughter

Oonagh Paige Heard

Who Is Oonagh Paige?

Oonagh Paige Heard is the daughter of Amber Heard, she was born in April 2021 via a surrogacy process which brought happiness to the life of the actress after the defamation case. However, she had no intent to let the public know about the news and information about her private life and her daughter but she decided to there the world know in July via a post she made on Instagram.

Come Together For Amber Heard’s Only Child.

The Aquaman celebrity, Amber Heard is the mother of a baby- daughter Oonagh Paige Heard, whom she welcomed on the 8th of April in 2021. After 3 months of arrival, Heard decided to share the exciting announcement of her tiny ones coming when she uploaded a confectionery post on Instagram in July.

Heard was formerly in a relationship with Johnny Depp, and she was married to him for 15 months until May 2016, she clarified her determination to maintain a kid on her “own terms” in her post declaring openly the announcement.

With the process of instructing her daughter to the public, the mommy of one hasn’t shied away from disseminating pictures of her on social media platforms. She similarly provided followers with a glance at her vitality as an unmarried parent with a sweet photo broadcasted in July 2021, in which Heard carried Oonagh Paige on her lap while she operated behind her computer.

Who Is Oonagh Paige Heard Father?

It is not understood who the father of the girl is. Amber brought into the world Oonagh via surrogate gestation, but the Danish Girl actress said that she is both the “mother and father” to her infant in an Instagram post of her holding her baby in a veneer of a laptop. 

Oonah Paige’s Name Has A Unique Significance

The name of her daughter seems to retain substantial significance to Heard. The actress hasn’t publicly explained the purpose strategy behind her baby’s name, her maiden name honors Heard’s late mother, Paige Heard.

She declared openly her mother’s demise in May 2020, a year before welcoming her kid onto the planet. She said that she is very fortunate to have retained her daughter and been assigned the blessing of retaining the lamp she glowed on everyone, falling on me for almost 34 years. She expressed her feelings through an Instagram post repaying homage to her mother.

She Was Referred To During Heard’s Testimony At Her And Johnny Depp’s Slander Ordeal

Heard referenced Oonagh Paige during her and Depp’s slander ordeal, though she didn’t comment on her daughter by phrase.

And said she wanted to change positions with my vitality. Now she has a baby and she thought that moving on would be a good option and with that she wanted Johnny to move on too. 

Amber Heard Expects Her Slander Trial Will “Mean Something” To Oonagh Paige One Day

Before June, quotations notified people that Heard was “still sore” following the judgment in the libel lawsuit after the jury sided largely with Depp — but despite consistency “dissatisfy,” she was glancing ahead to spending better time with Oonagh Paige.

According to an insider she wishes to just concentrate on her infant. The ordeal took away plenty of unique mama time. Amber looked forward to a summer with her family and daughter.

Amber Heard Announces ‘very Difficult Decision’ To Settle Johnny Depp Defamation Case.

After the ordeal, Heard and Oonagh shifted from Yucca Valley, California, to Spain. A basis told the actress, who obtained casualty dangers and evolved the topic of cruel internet memes, felt there was too great “confusion” stateside. She wished her daughter to retain a secure and beneficial environment to prosper in so she selected to proceed on to a fresh place and provide her a better vitality.

The mother-daughter duo foremost shifted to Mallorca, where Heard reportedly leased a residence utilizing an alias. The delinquent came to terms down in an upscale neighbourhood in Madrid where the actress “brings up better solitude.”

Since that time, the Aquaman celebrity has earned vitality with her daughter, has fresh power and is concentrated on items that she adores.

In May 2023, Heard and her daughter Oonah were spotted on their path to a playground in Madrid, as glimpsed in snapshots publicized by the Daily Mail. Heard was snapped shoving a scooter and carrying her kid.

Oonah Is Heard’s Training Companion

In acquisition to uniting Heard on Green Juice runs Oonagh Paige puts together a pretty tremendous training supporter as nicely. Amber Heard shared a precious snapshot in September 2021 of her lifting her toddler in one arm and a flatware significance in the additional.

Amber Calls Oonagh Paige Her “Mini-me”

The mommy of one gives birth to furthermore outstanding several of her daughter’s landmarks on social media.

On Oonagh Paige’s half birthday, Heard illustrated the duration after she greeted her kid as the six greatest months of her life. Meanwhile, on her little girl’s first birthday, she wrote: “I still can’t think you’re here,” before putting in: The greatest year.

Oonah Paige Joined Her Mom On The Batch Of Aquaman 2

In January 2024, Amber disseminated shots from her duration filming the sequel to Aquaman, comprising one featuring an occasional glimpse at her kid. Heard has nestled Oonah in her arms as she provides her with a bottle while still washing away the personality of Mera’s red wig in a picture she posted on Instagram.

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