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SA Youth Mobi: forum for the deserving youth operation


The current youth depending on the present rates relating to the unemployment rate in South Africa stands at a percentage count of 43.4%. The Youth Employment Services consisting of the (YES) represents a source of the basics of optimism, not only offering and permitting employment prospects but also delivering and surfing exquisite and comprehensive support, skills and the development and enhancement, and a platform for the sole purpose of young individuals to launch their related careers.


Many young people and the individual participants are eager to join the workforce and make meaningful contributions to their associated meanings of the base households. However, various obstacles and the limitations often hinder their entrance based entry. There are existing programs designed and sewed on the factor to assist young individuals in acquiring valuable and much dependent knowledge, skills related, and work experience basics, positioning them on zones connected to the formations of the same trajectory toward success.

Aditi Lachman,namely the designation of the Head of Youth Programmes at the Youth Employment Service quoting for (YES), shared insights with Careers Portal regarding and about all the relations based in and into the organisation’s initiatives and endeavours aimed at mitigating youth unemployment in the entities based onto that of South Africa.

How to utilise :

Lachman explains and shows the relations based on that the SA Youth mobi service is a free portal and the non cost based charges interface and is zero-rated. This allows and permits the people and individuals who do not have data to enjoy all the benefits and the advantages of the service and the facilities.

Youth simply need and will have the requirements to sign up on the sector of the SAYouth.mobi service as their first step to finding a load of job and the related chances and the associated opportunities. The platform and the zone joins and connects youth to the program based on the sections of the YES program, Full-time jobs linked, Part-time jobs linked, Learnerships formed for Volunteering and learning opportunities and chances.


The platform of sa youth mobi is amazing as with while the latest Stats SA figures show and South Africa’s unemployment rate depending on the sector increased just slightly to 32.6% in the first quarter and the meaning based, it’s the jobless youth facing and showing also appearing through the most direct consequences and grouping.The youth jobless rate read as per and depending on the expanded definition is now and currently of and at a staggering percentage count of 74.7%.

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