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Complete Guide on JoinPD: How to Join a Pear Deck Session with JoinPD.com in 2023

What is JoinPD?

Joinpd.com is a microsite or subdomain of PearDeck.com that allows students to access and participate in interactive presentations created by professors. This is a code or link that teachers give out by email or text message. There is no other place to get it.

Students don’t need a Pear Deck account to participate in the performance. But you’ll need a Gmail or Live ID to sign up. Pear Deck relies on compatibility with Google Slides to do its job. In addition, educators have the option of facilitating anonymous enrollment.

What you Should Know Before Joining JoinPD.com:

Creating and disseminating presentations is the primary function of this site. Adapt and utilize a set of resources to help you create engaging presentations for your class. You will have the option of including numerous questions, multiple images, and diagrams. To get your class interested. It’s designed to stimulate students’ interest and facilitate their education.

JoinPD’s question-making capabilities also make it suitable for use as a testing tool. One of the best things about Joinpd.com is that it gives kids a safe space to share their thoughts. Students might also use slides in the presentation to demonstrate their thoughts.

What Is PearDeck?

PearDeck is a web-based tool for classroom discourse and collaboration. Teachers may make slideshows on Google Drive and then distribute them to their classes using Joinpd.com. Students may use a 5-digit access code supplied by their professors to join presentations hosted on the JoinPD sub domain of PearDeck. Please enter the code provided on the presentation page to see the presentation.

JoinPD Teachers and students alike have adopted PearDeck because it allows them to participate in presentations from anywhere. While its primary usage is in educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities, it also has other uses, such as speeding up recovery after epidemics.

Which Aspects of Pear Deck are Most Appealing?

With its extensive library of assets, Pear Deck makes it simple for educators to generate material. They include resources, a user forum, support articles, and a gallery of example questions. Including audio notes in the lecture is also a great tool, particularly for distance learning. This makes it simple to provide illuminating footnotes.

Anyone who has worked extensively with Google’s other systems will find the Pear Deck system to seamlessly extend their existing workflow.  Students who can maintain their anonymity have lessened fear of being picked out.

Thanks to the Teacher Dashboard, educators can closely monitor how their students are doing in class. It’s a great method for ensuring that no student falls behind by determining if the class should stop, slow down, or take a step back.

How Can I use Join Link to join a Pear Deck Meeting?

Joining a Pear Deck session is simple by using the joinpd code link. To join the Pear Deck session, entering the code when prompted to do so on joinpd is not essential. To do so, just follow the link. Here’s how to use a Join Link to participate in a Pear Deck session:

  • Check the inbox for any correspondence about the Pear Deck course
  • To participate, please click the Join Link
  • In a web browser, you may access the Pear Deck session
  • Google Chrome is suggested. However, other browsers may also be used

Your Student View will be accessible after you have joined the session. The professors will show you the presentation slides, and you may participate in the lesson by answering their questions.

How Do I Login to Pear Deck Session Using an Email Address?

Joining the session is as simple as inputting a student’s email address after creating an account on joinpd code or choosing one from the drop-down menu that appears when they click the Session Join Link on that page.

Their names and email addresses will be automatically logged with their responses, but these details will not be shared with the other participants.

The TakeawaysTM assessment tool enables instructors to identify which students contributed which answers by allowing them to scroll through each student’s responses and see who wrote what. You can also export the students’ work to a Google Sheet to do more research.

Students are welcome to join anonymously:

Students may avoid giving out their email addresses upon registration if anonymous access is granted. Students are known by their avatars and nicknames rather than their names. Users can comment on your slides in real time, but you won’t be able to see who is doing so.

You may protect the privacy of your channel by turning off the student login option, which can be done by going to the Settings page of Pear Deck and turning off the option there. If you disable Student Login, students won’t need to reveal their identities to join. No longer will your student’s name appear on the Activity Session screen, even if they participated in previously inaccessible sessions. Restore the option to prompt students for their login details on subsequent visits.

This exercise is useful while simultaneously hosting enjoyable sessions in between different courses. Professors should insist that students sign up using their email addresses regarding important courses.

Is JoinPD Right For You?

Pear deck is often used for educational reasons. This resource is available to anybody working in the field of education. However, the website requires the user to be affiliated with a learning institution. Joinpd.com is open to both educators and their students. They may utilize it for presenting in class or for other academic objectives. 

In addition, it has broader applicability. Joining might be useful for instructional coaches and media experts. Library staff and facility managers may also benefit from this system. It is widely used as a means of communication. This means that anybody looking to make professional connections may utilize the service.


Joinpd.com is bringing a new dimension of interactivity and excitement to online learning. With features like real-time monitoring of student participation, the ability to provide individualized feedback and support for learning, it has become a vital tool in today’s classrooms. Educators may improve their ability to assist learning, and students can benefit from a more interesting, individualized school experience by using platforms such as Joinpd.

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