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Have People Stopped Spending Money At Multiplex Movie Theatres?

It is a fact that global box office numbers now become only great when out-of-the-box content is in the market as for the rest, people are not even going to watch the movies. Some say that it is because of the higher cot of movie tickets, popcorn, soft drinks, and other food items, while others feel that now 9xflix has made people watch a lot of content from the comfort of their homes, so it seems no need to go to the movie hall for watching an average movie. This is why in 2022, Bollywood and Hollywood movies did not see the same buzz. In fact, in 2023, it had come back, but still it is far away from the estimation of the numbers pre-COVID.

How COVID changed the pattern?

COVID makes the world stay at home and work from the comfort of home. As going out was not an option, people tried to watch movies and series on Netflix and other OTT platforms. This forms their habit of not going to the movie hall, but just watching the movie from home. It does save money as well as help them to do other things in that time.

Hence, movies have to bring something new that can tempt people to leave their homes to watch movies. OTT is another problem for theatre owners. Earlier, the only problem was third-party platforms.

But COVID did see even a jump in the numbers of Hubflix. As not all can pay great sums, there is a place for that platform that provides the content for free, and here comes these two pointed-out platforms and others. People did not have much to do, so they went on to watch movies or series on these platforms. Even they covered the content of OTT, so it made things even easier for them.

And after COVID, only great movies have the content to move people and they do even better numbers. But it is fair to say that average movies do not have a space to shine at the box office. They have a space on OTT in people’s minds. This is the reason that one change in the world made the pattern of movies change. Now only good content can work and nothing else does have the power to shine at the top level.

Final Words

Now an actor in India, the United States, and other places have to think that they have to make only the best of content, so it can bring the best out of people when it comes to spending their hard-earn money. This is what shows a lot about how content is king. Earlier even the face of an actor was ample to bring some money back from the box office numbers. But now this is not the case at all. Only those who make the best movies, have the chance to generate life-changing numbers. Others do not have the chance even. 


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