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Find what Robert suggests in his biocentrism theory: Is human evolution really on grounds of biology or physics? 


Biocentrism sounds revolutionary, particularly because it has answers to some unsolvable questions. Well, it was Robert Lanza, along with an astrologist by the name of Bob Berman, who pointed out the biocentrism theory in 2007. But some form of it was always there on several religious grounds, while philosophical ethics were only processed by the late 20th century.

Biocentrism Debunked is the party pooper in this scenario, And as per Western ethics, they were much inclined towards an anthropocentric approach, making existing human beings more respectable in terms of moral consideration. Meanwhile, a biocentrism approach refers to all living beings, before and after, having equal moral consideration. Biocentrism, moreover, tells that the universe survives only because of humanity and biology and life creates it. 

About biocentrism theory

Robert puts forth a biological theory, contradicting the physical theory that hints at life coming from physics and chemistry. To be more precise, physical theory suggests that life is an outcome of many physical and chemical changes. Meanwhile, Robert’s theory of Biocentrism Debunked strongly affirms life to be first and rest follows. 

Furthermore, Robert Lanza describes that space and time are some sort of animal sense perception, and not physical objects as explained by scientists before. The idea preaches a new perception of everything — from forces, laws and other constants. The theory suggests that life is responsible for creating the universe, and not otherwise. This refers to the existence of the world as a result of life. 

Even when we look at the history, biocentrism and ethics of it is much evident in past figures and traditions. First, notice the Buddhist ethics’s basic precepts, the first one of which forbids any kind of harm to living things. Likewise, a Christian saint – Francis of Assisi revolved around biocentrism, hinting at the value of animals and plants. In addition, some Native American traditions exist that point out living things as sacred. 

Robert Lanza’s book on biocentrism theory 

It was in 2010 when Robert Lanza and Bob Berman, an astrologer, who have been working very hard on biocentrism released their foremost work – their first book. It was an instant success and became the new talk of the world. Reading it, people realized greater possibilities of universe origination. Perhaps, physical theories had forever been the one to get widely accepted. But with the strong ideas of Robert, a transition in emphasis to biological thoughts was seen. 

And seeing the grand success of the first one, the duo have now published a second book as well. The main highlight of the following edition continues to be biocentrism, but one can find intellectual aspects in greater numbers. From reimagined life, reality, the universe, and death — there are many new things to uncover. 


While it seems biocentrism is tricky to adapt, implementation can be swiftly done by picking it as virtue-based ethics. As such, one has to keep the promise of not hampering the well-being of other living things. At the same time, interference or slight harm will always be there in survival. Hence, biocentrism theory full of challenges.


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